imagine a bag of trash with the words “handle with care” and “fragile” written on it. that would be me

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RPers: Reblog if you are 18 or older

This means you are legal in the US and won’t have anyone else arrested for smutting with you if that is so.

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do you ever get the urge to clean your entire room and then 5 minutes after u start you’re like nah son and u just lay on the floor


Actual Advice Mallard.




Tiny Bow & Arrow

What you’ll need:

- sharp knife

- popsicle stick

- q-tip

-dental floss

I need this for class

Welp people are going to hate me now more than they already do


oh look its me T_T









the thing that upsets me most here is that quite a few of these sample replies show profile photos of children. These people are raising families and kids. And for those fathers with daughters,I wonder how amusing they would find it if they knew there was at least a 1 in 4 chance of their own child being sexually assaulted or raped in her own lifetime.

A real funny joke there, dads.

This is highly disturbing

things like this make it hard for me to breathe

"the number one cause of rape is women saying NO"

tell me again how patriarchy doesn’t mean that men believe they have access/inheritance to women’s bodies?

I saw this post and broke out in tears. It should not be like this.

im so thankful i don’t share the views as these sexist, ignorant men - it’s a fucking disgrace, really


No words.



There needs to be a bar or club or something that when you walk in there’s a rack of different color wristbands with words like “I looking for-“

  • girls
  • boys
  • trans
  • anyone
  • no one
  • friends
  • etc

So that everyone would know who’s looking for who.


"Hey that girl is cute. And her wristband says she’s also looking for a girl. Sweet!”


"He’s cute, but his wristband says girls. Oh well."

you are the future



I am biased against this because I used to be the smart kid but I do not find this to be funny at all. When I “finally” failed a test, all of my classmates except for my one best friend were making a huge deal out of it. They acted as though it was something unthinkable. They were looking at me as if I had grown another head. It made me feel like I wasn’t allowed to get a bad grade. I had to be perfect, or else I was weird. In the end, I was so stressed because of the pressure I even considered commiting suicide. It wasn’t pressure from my parents, they were okay with it. It was from my classmates who couldn’t grasp the fact I was only human.

So please, I’m begging you, if you have this smart classmate and they fail a test, do NOT laugh at them, do NOT insult them, do NOT make a big deal out of it. We’re all humans, we all make mistakes—don’t take this entitlement away from us.

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